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SF6 Gas

SF6 gas is an important gas used for various purposes in many sectors, and it is widely used in industrial applications.

SF6 gas finds its usage in various sectors:

In the electrical sector, Its high dielectric strength plays a crucial role in ensuring the safe operation of electrical power lines.

In plasma applications, it serves as a feed gas in plasma reactors. It aids in the effective execution of plasma processes.

In the casting industry, it is preferred as a protective gas for magnesium and aluminum castings. It prevents oxidation and ensures the production of high-quality castings.

In glass manufacturing, it is used for insulation purposes. It enhances sound insulation and provides better insulation properties.

In the medical field, it is utilized for the diagnosis of eye and ear diseases through ultrasonic tests. It enables better transmission of ultrasonic waves and assists in accurate diagnosis.

At Akbaşoğlu, the SF6 gas we provide has a minimum purity of 99.995% and meets the standards set by the JEC 376 (International Electrotechnical Commission).


SF6 Gas
SF6 Sulfurhexafluoride(99.9% purity)
SF6 Sulfurhexafluoride(99.9% purity)
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