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Industrial Gases

Industrial gases are obtained through the liquefaction of certain gases and the purification of others. These gases undergo processing using various methods to be liquefied and utilized in their respective fields. The cooling and liquefaction processes of industrial gases are generally conducted under atmospheric pressure.

These gases are commonly used in:​​​​

  • Various industries such as food, refrigeration, heating, construction, and ventilation.
  • Electronic component manufacturing, diagnostic and imaging tools in the healthcare sector, facilities that detect gas leaks, and MRI machines in the medical field.
  • Welding processes, research laboratories, scientific experiments.
  • Packaging processes in the food sector.


As Akbaşoğlu, we prioritize precision in the manufacturing process of industrial gases and closely monitor the logistics process to minimize the possibility of hazardous situations. After the purchase process, our specialized technical team provides support to address any questions regarding the usage of the products, assisting you in safely utilizing industrial gases.

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